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  A-Swimming Pool
  AA-Goal Set
  B-Safety Boat
  BB-Ball Pit
  C-Sofa / Chair
  CC-Castle / Bouncer
  D-Air Bed
  E--Water Bed
  F-5 In 1 SofaBed
  G-Air Mattress
  I-Swimming Ring
  J-Safety Jacket
  K-Beach Ball
  L-Arm Band
  N-Snow Tube
  P-Bath Bed
  R-Bob Bag
  S-Promotion Model
  T-Play Ball
  U-Banger Sticks
  V-Outdoor Games
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EITS was build up in 2007, as a new enterprise, our tenet is "quality is life". The factory area is in 10,000 ㎡ , workshop area in 4,000 ㎡ , we have over 60 working machines. We professionally produce PVC inflatable products for children, adults and for advertising promotions. Available models include a large selection of furniture items and swimming toys for pool and beach use with design according to customers' requirement. Our factory in mainland China with 200 workers, 80% works have many years profession experience in inflatable products.

All our products are passed EN-71, ASTM etc safety standard, and most products already got the CE certificate. We have many famous customers in world, such as Poland "Coca-Cola", England National Football Team, Man UTD Football Team, Tesco, Marks & Spencers, BBC, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, NBA..........Besides, we also passed factory audit done by SGS, ITS, BV, Wal-Mart , K-Mart.

Trust us, Trust EITS! Because we not only support you the lowest price and high quality, but also the best service!
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